Gentle Hand Soap


Gentle Hand Soap

This is one of those products you can never have enough of. Our delicate cleansing ingredients washes hands without drying and chapping and can be used for those last minute clean up jobs in the kitchen. Our new scent is so soothing and reminds you every day that you deserve to be taken care of. (8oz)
Scent: Rosemary Mint

[ C315 ]

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Zack G. from MN

Gentle Soap
Hi my name is Zack and I’ve been using Aihu hand soap for almost a year now. The reason why I’ve made the switch is because I’ve been diabetic for 22 years and being diabetic means you need to wash your hands every time you check your blood sugars. No matter what time of year, but especially during the winter, my hands would be dry and chapped when using other competitors soap. Another reason why I made the switch is because of a trial I did using Dial, Method, and Aihu in a test to see which blood sugars came out the best after washing my hands. I used Aihu first and my sugars were 160. Following that I used Dial, unscented basic, and my sugars were 187. The final soap Method, Target’s brand, my sugars showed 190. This test was done within a three minute period which means my sugars would not jump that high in such a short period of time. Being diabetic for as long as I have been there is no way for me to apply anything to my hands to make my sugars lower. However, if my hands are not properly cleaned that can make my sugars a little higher than what they actually are, just like the competitors hand soap did. Moral of the testimonial is that Aihu is a fantastic hand soap that is clean, pure, and non drying to your skin and if you are diabetic, even if you aren’t, I strongly recommend this hand soap.

Posted On Thursday, February 15, 2018