Purifying Salt Glow


Purifying Salt Glow

This natural exfoliant revitalizes and rejuvinates your skin like magic! With a blend of Pacific Sea Salts and all-natural olive oil, it sloughs off dead skin cells, revealing your silkiest, most natural glow. It's a must in every woman's daily regimen! Available in Lemongrass or Thai Citrus. (13 oz.)

[ C103 ]

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Customer from AZ

Circulation helper
I use the Purifying Salt Glow on my feet very meticulously every week. I have diabetes and have very poor sensation in my feet. I am also very worried about my skin cracking and not healing between my toes. The salt glow seems to increase circulation in my legs and feet and the skin on my feet is in very good condition now. I will keep on using this, so don’t stop making it.

Posted On Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Customer from MN

Eczema relief
I have eczema on my hands, which I think is from having to wash my hands so often due to my job at the hospital. I use the Salt Scrub one time per week and the Le crème daily and my hands have taken a total turn around. I was getting afraid of the condition of my hands and that if it continues I may have to look for another job. The Salt Scrub and Le Crème saved my career.

Posted On Tuesday, February 20, 2018