Natural Deodorant (set of 2)


Natural Deodorant (set of 2)

Finally a natural deodorant that you can trust and is safe to use! Easy travel size bottles fly with you on the airplane or go into gym bag/purse. Lightly spritz and wait a few seconds to dry. Be inspired to keep from perspiring. (set of 2)

[ C128 ]

$ 17.99


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Kim Salzbrenner, RN from Mercy Medical Center

Natural Deodorants
We have continued to order the ‘Inspire” Aihu Deodorant for our patients. As you know our patients were complaining about the non-metallic deodorant that we were giving them to use during their radiation treatments. So we trialed the Aihu Deodorant “Inspire”. We got good feedback from patients and have been using it ever since. We haven’t had any complaints about it not working well especially during the summer months. The cost is comparable to the nonmetallic so it was a win-win for us. Radiation Oncology, Nurse Manager

Posted On Tuesday, February 20, 2018