Cuddle Rub


Cuddle Rub

Our Cuddle Rub contains carefully selected plant-based ingredients to help hydrate & protect your baby's delicate skin. Rich in coconut, olive, grapeseed, & jojoba oils to create a moisture barrier that soothes without stinging to prevent dry & itchy skin. It is the perfect option for babies & children with sensitive skin issues. Contains gentle drops of peppermint essential oil to help soothe and prevent irritation. Using me: Squeeze quarter size amount into palm of hand, massage cuddle rub onto baby starting at chest and working out towards arms, hands, tummy, legs, feet and finally those tiny toes. Work in circular motions to help promote healthy digestion, sleep and circulation. (8.5 oz) What we put inside: purified water, olive oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, shea butter, cetyl & stearyl alcohol, aloe vera gel, jojoba oil, vitamin E acetate, linatural MBS-4, essential oils

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