Room Deodorizer

Room Deodorizer


Room Deodorizer

This beautifully scented odor eater is 100% environmentally positive! Designed to clean and accelerate the degradation of organic wastes. Use in cars to eliminate smoke odors, gym bags, shoes, and pet accidents. Spray on bedding and linen to get rid of dust mites. Banish mildew in bathrooms and shower curtains or anything that has odors! Keep things fresh, clean and calm!
(includes 1-16 oz bottle)

Scents Bulgarian

[ C172 ]

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Ann Walker from Arizona

Room Deodorizer Bul Lav
This is one of my top selling products. I love it and use it myself as well. It keeps my home smelling so fresh and clean. My neighbor uses it on her bed mattress to keep the dust mites away due to her allergies. My other neighbor uses it on her couch, rugs and curtains to keep her home smelling very fresh and clean. Thank you for this product!

Posted On Monday, January 8, 2018